Issue 15—March 2021

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Azure Haven BnB at Shell Cove is the ideal couples retreat just minutes away from the crystal-clear water of the nearby beaches & an easy drive to nearby Kiama, Berry, Kangaroo Valley & many other delightful locations of the area.

We decided to take to the air in a helicopter to see the true majesty & grandeur of this vast rugged wilderness landscape of the Armidale Gorges.

Instead of an old building we trace the history & investigate the old Australian Defence Industries site of St Marys in the West of Sydney.

The Lithgow area is full of historically significant & interesting places to visit, one of these is the Ruins of the Shale mining operations at Newnes.


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Having reached Alice Springs, we decided to venture out to the West MacDonnell Ranges to see first hand, the beautiful gorges that these ancient rocks have hidden within its walls.

We hope all our readers enjoyed a wonderful festive season and restful break with their families over Christmas and into New Year and are well into a fruitful and satisfying 2021.


Our family has been struggling with family stuff as you all are aware over the last several months, with myself, finding life quite hard! I chose to have a psychic reading this week to see if I could find some answers and get some guidance with great results.


I know many people are sceptical but having a closed mind does not allow you to learn new things or have new experiences. As you know we love to travel into nature and see all the wonderful sights and animals, hear all the amazing sounds, smell the various scents and often odours, and watch those incredible painted skies during sunrise, sunset and fabulous storms. This is something we have not been doing much of apart from our day trips out in the Hunter when our daughter is at work. We have been living between two houses to support her and finding it very disconcerting to say the least, although love spending time in the Hunter region and being with our daughter is such a wonderful blessing.

My reading was filled with emotional things that touch my heart; things that Amanda Bourke could not possible have known at all as she only asks you to confirm the information she is telling you. I have become quite unstructured in my life and she picked this up, almost anxious at times when things go awry! She put life into a clear picture by referring to our journey as a river flowing forcefully in one direction. If we are trying to swim against the strong current, we will get pushed back, maybe even further back than we were, getting frustrated and then trying to swim back against the current again with the same results or worse. “Mother Nature is a powerful force” Amanda told me. “Wherever you end up, even if it isn’t in your plan, is where you are meant to be. You may not want to be there, but this is where you are meant to be!” This makes total sense absolutely!


I have always questioned throughout my life why things have occurred. Thinking: “how unfair!” But always later, even years later, I then see why I had to experience whatever it was – I have needed this experience to deal with something, or help someone and my experience, no matter how horrible, has given me the tools I needed. Life gives you what you need at the time it is needed. Life helps you even when you don’t think it is help. Time and again I have experienced things I would rather not have had to deal with, but every experience is a learning that you will use later down the track for the good of yourself or others.


Amanda is so right when she talks about allowing the Universe / Mother Nature / God to direct your life as you go with the flow and be where you need to be in the right time. We have choice of course, but sometimes it is less stressful to allow the journey to happen and to live in the moment. Nothing in the past can be changed! We cannot predict the future or make it happen the way we want! BUT – we can live in the moment and let life take us on the journey we are meant to be travelling, making the most of the time and enjoying every moment.


We are meant to be where we are at the moment we are there!

Don’t stress and be anxious.

Live in that moment.

Breathe and enjoy that moment.

Travel WITH Mother Nature THROUGH Mother Nature and see her wonder!

Being in Nature is grounding! So, get out there, travel and see our beautiful sights!

By Vicki.

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Having decided on a grain sourdough I found a jar of their freshly made strawberry jam to go with it at Wollombi Road Provodore Cessnock.