Issue 16—MAY 2021

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Rectangle: Rounded Corners:

 The silence along the mighty Murray River was shattered by the shrill whistle of the old paddle steamer, as it approached the historical wharf at Echuca.

Arriving at 6am, armed with gloves and pruning shears, we were met by Anne who walked us to the vines to be picked. 

We completed our “sentence” in about 1 & ½ hours, thankful that we could leave whenever we wanted and breathed a sigh of relief when we emerged from what could be described as Hell on Earth or Mailtland Goal.

The new Alu-cab Gen3.1 Expedition Tent must be one of the best overlanding tents on the market. Its sleeker and more aerodynamic,


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More sensational remarkably close proximity flying displays were put on by the SkyAces team flying in variations of the Pitt’s aerobatic planes, thrilling the crowds.

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How fortunate were we, as the next heat featured the very impressive Australian surfer, Stephanie Gilmore, currently 4th in the world

Very civilised indeed as you did not have to dig to fill the buckets but could sieve the dirt from any gems, with the use of water.

The Full Blood Moon eclipse that took place last week was the event many people were waiting for. Something that really made it special was that it happened in front of the Blue Horse Head Nebula.

In winter, the fire is going, and the soup is hot, delicious, and served with thick cut sourdough bread at the Wattle Café Blackheath.

  Welcome to our May edition of our magazine, in a year that is shaping up to be bigger & better. The seasons come & go in an never ending cycle. It is now Autumn!

  Our incredible country is opening for travel once again. Yes, overseas travel except to New Zealand is still off the books & probably will be for quite some time yet, so let us enjoy what there is on offer here in our own beautiful backyard, after all we are the “Lucky Country.”

  Summer has provided some good rainfall in most places, replenishing our dams, watering the crops & basically giving us life. In a land of extremes, the pendulum went the other way with most of the Eastern states of the country having experienced very heavy rain & unfortunately, record flooding. Things may look grim to some at the moment, but there is hope.

  The temperature is getting cooler, The colours of the trees are changing, with an incredible display ranging from yellow, through to orange, amber & deep red.  A great display for photography so get out there & enjoy what this great country has to offer.

  Our humble publication is growing & the numbers are really encouraging with some 7000 hits each edition, having started with 1500 for the first one in Oct 2019. Our reviews on Google Maps have 11,000 hits while the photos submitted to them have an incredible 1,049,000 hits, staggering in that they were 250,000 in Sept 2020. Certainly, figures that have renewed my passion for our ever-changing landscape & making me want to load the 4x4 along with the camper trailer so that we can travel to bring our readers more stories. With that said we will only bring out the magazine every 2 months from the next edition, giving us a chance to hit the road & publish the new material that we will be gathering out there.

  People are emerging with newfound energy, they are seeing family and friends again who were separated during lockdowns, they are getting out there once again. Life finds a way to go on!

  “Don’t stress and be anxious. Every cloud has a silver lining so make the best of any situation.

  Live in that moment.

  Breathe and enjoy that moment.

  Travel WITH Mother Nature THROUGH Mother Nature and see her wonder!

  Being in Nature is grounding! So, get out there, travel and see our beautiful sights!” after all we are the lucky country.