The Eastern states of Australia have been inundated with flood waters the heights of which haven’t been seen for many years. All the way from Bundaberg down through Sydney to parts of the South Coast, even extending to Broken Hill & Outback Qld. Lismore being one area that was hit extremely hard as have many others. The rains continue under this La Nina weather pattern, & some areas are being flooded again, providing more chaos & challenges for everyone.

Many roads & bridges have been virtually destroyed & will take crews many months to repair, so if you are fortunate enough to be travelling, please take care, head any warnings about entering flooded roads, even if you have a 4x4, as a few have disregarded this advice & have been placed in a situation where they became stuck in the raging waters & have then had to be rescued by emergency service personnel. People have unfortunately died in their homes as well.

To the families who have tragically lost loved ones, we wish to extend our deepest condolences.

Many house & businesses have been washed away including my mate's newly established Mercedes repair/restoration workshop/showroom in Lismore which he had only moved into a month earlier.

He was one of the lucky ones & as able to save his & customers cars by moving them to high ground but lost all his electronic workshop & office equipment along with thousands of dollars’ worth of stock.

People have been hit hard the last few years, what with bushfires, drought, a worldwide pandemic that just refuses to go away & now these floods.

Added to this, the threat of another world war is looming because of what is happening in Europe & also playing heavily on people’s minds.

The worrying trend of people of all ages just disappearing for one reason or another makes one wander if it might just be too much for some.

Australians are very resilient & most will bounce back from this. They rally together during times of challenges & hardship, bringing out the best in people, yes unfortunately also the worst, but the good that they are doing, far outweighs the bad.

So, spare a thought for your family, friends & neighbours, they could be doing it tough & suffering in silence. Reach out to them, talk to them, have a beer or cuppa with them & ask “Are you ok?”

It is the Australian way to have your mates back.

A special thanks to Ray for allowing us to use his flood photos from Lismore. His business was the building behind the Shell service station in the photo.

We wish to extend our best wishes to him & his lovely fiancée Conny who had  only arrived from Europe a short time before the floods to be with him, after being separated for a number of years due to the pandemic lockdown.

To everyone rebuilding their lives after this devastation, know that you are not alone. There are people out there who care about you & will help.

All the best, you have got this!