Text Box: The New England High Country where Armidale is located, is part of the boundary between the World Heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests of the East Coast and the dry tablelands of the New England North West; encompassing some 500km of rivers and gorges, as well as wilderness areas covering over 300 square kilometres, there are several National Parks and areas of interest within the region. Many of these parks are within a 100km radius of Armidale Tourist Park, making the park an ideal base for a long weekend of exploring. Significant areas include: 
Ebor Falls: Where the Guy Fawkes River plunges 100m over two waterfalls into the valley below. There are three lookout platforms along the edge of the gorge which encompasses the upper, lower falls and valley, all giving spectacular views out into the rugged gorge country that the area is noted for. This is located 77 kms from Armidale.
These falls are located just off Tourist Drive 17, around 70km from Armidale. Consisting of a pair of falls (the Upper and Lower falls), the river drops over 100m in a short distance. These falls are accessible with sealed paths and no steps to many of the viewpoints. The path alongside the gorge is almost completely fenced.
Ebor Falls are much more reliable than the falls closer to Armidale as the catchment area encompasses areas bordering onto the wet rain forest (compared to the dry rain forest and tablelands that surround Armidale)
Dangars Falls: Being a perfect bush spot for a family picnic, offering scenic waterfall and river views on the Northern Tablelands 21 kms from Armidale.
The falls are located on Tourist Drive 19, are nearest to Armidale Tourist Park. Consisting of a single drop to a pool below, these falls are very accessible with sealed paths and no steps to many of the viewpoints. The path on the car park side of the river is fully fenced, however, if you cross the bridge (only passable in low water) the path is not fenced and unmade.
Wollomomboi Falls: With a drop of over 200m, these falls are some of the highest in NSW. With several walking tracks around the area, there are some fantastic vantage points at the top of the falls looking down into the gorge below (and further downstream), are located off Waterfall Way, between Armidale and Ebor. The falls are made up of two rivers, the Chandler and the Wollomomboi which converge to form the Chandler River. These falls are some of the highest in NSW, and the Wollomomboi Walking Track takes you above the drops, accessed via unmade and partly fenced paths. Other viewpoints include the Chandler viewpoint, located about 150m down the hill from the carpark with a fully sealed path and fence alongside. These falls are 38 kms out from town.