Text Box:   Hi all, hope you are staying safe & well in yet another extension of lockdown, which is certainly frustrating for many, but it is for EVERYONE'S good. It may not seem so now, but we must stick together in these trying times and have our mate's back, even if we have never met them, it is the Australian way. 
  Together we will beat this!
  In these trying times, hug your family around you, Love them. Ring those you cannot see under the current lockdown circumstances, tell them that you love them, for isolation can make people feel like the walls of despair are closing in around them & there is no hope. 
You will see them again soon. 
  People reach out to one another & look out for the vulnerable.
  Adversity can always appear the darkest to the lonely, but the slightest glimmer of sunshine will give such hope to these people and soon it will be but a distant memory. I am not dismissing or making light of people’s fears for they are very real to them, but there should always be hope. 
  No matter how dark the storm, it will pass eventually.
  These 3 images were taken over 5 hours, from a gorgeous sunrise into what I thought was going to be the blackest storm I had ever seen, Armageddon like, very surreal. It didn’t eventuate! There was about 15 minutes of very light rain, then it stopped & the dark clouds kept rolling on by to brilliant sunshine, with only a faint hint on the horizon of what might have been.

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: EDITORIAL - TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT THIS!
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS-APC4WD

  We would like to welcome APC4WD, which is a Penrith based 4WD & Camping specialist outlet, to Going Places with MSPhoto.

 They sell to their customers through their 100sqm street-front showroom as well as through their website.

 “We made the decision long ago  to not market ourselves on eBay, Amazon or Gumtree and instead focus

our efforts on better serving our customers both in store and on our website.”

  The company uses several local & Sydney-wide based workshops as recommended installers for fitting of products that they sell.

  “We have 3 fairly kitted out vehicles including our MY21 D-Max & a soon to arrive 300 Series Landcruiser on site every day to display various products to customers.”

  The basic motto here has always been,  “We only want to sell quality gear that we would be happy to use ourselves.”

  We are authorised distributors for leading brands including Bilstein, Dobinsons, EFS, Tough Dog, Roadsafe, Polyair, Airbag Man, Uniden, Runva, King One, King Springs, Koni, Xrox, Caloffroad, Superpro and many more!

 Their website is https://www.autopartsco.com.au/