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† If you are jaded with the hustle & bustle of city life & longing to get out into the breathtaking views that await on the other side of the Great Dividing Range, then Oberon is the place for you. It is just a few hoursí drive putting you 126km from Sydney as the crow flys or 178.4 km if you donít have wings & have to go by road.

† The historic mining town encompasses the country life & is surrounded by lush hills, horse riding, quad bike tours, incredible fishing in the dam, many 4x4 tracks to explore, the 6ft Track being one of them. The pine forests are full of mushrooms, so you can pick your own, giving the feeling of being somewhere in Europe.

† The visitorís centre can supply a brochure so that the various mushrooms & toadstools can be identified, as the latter is not edible & can make you very ill & even cause death. A good thing to remember is ďIf in doubt leave out.Ē

† The Jenolan Caves which are a world-class wonderland, of stalactite-lined limestone caves carved out by underground rivers, is about 30 klms away along Edith Road, which is a good, sealed road, though in winter it can be closed due to ice or snow, making it a great day trip from Oberon. Jenolan Caves Road is currently closed & access is via Edith Road.

Both the Abercrombie Caves (92klm) and Wombeyan Caves (111klm) are also within easy driving distance.

Please note that the Abercrombie Caves area is currently closed due to recent flood damage & will be so until about 4th June 2022. Wombeyan Caves area is also closed for the same reason.

Oberon is rich in history with the discovery of Gold in 1823 in the Fish River which helped boost the population as did the finding of Silver & Copper with many significant buildings from that era, still around.

The area is also well known for its Sapphires & other gemstones, which attract many fossickers including us & decided to try finding our own fortune by searching for these elusive gemstone/ precious metals, well they would turn out to be elusive to ourselves.†

The information centre supplied us with a map of the area where we could fossick along with some information of what wasnít allowed to save people a fine of $1000 if they didnít obey. The Mining Act allows fossicking to be carried out anywhere in the State provided no other Act or law prevents it and provided consent is obtained from the landowner.

It is the responsibility of the intending fossicker to check whether the area is available for fossicking. You do not need a fossicking licence in designated areas in NSW but do need one of areas in State Forests. For more information see:

Note: In Dry Conditions it is best to supply your own water, so we had some in the Landcruiser just in case. No need to worry about that at the moment.

†Not really knowing what we were looking for as we had never been fossicking & armed with a small shovel, a plastic kitchen strainer, & lots of enthusiasm, we headed off to the first location on the map: Little River Fossicking Reserve along Abercrombie Road Black Springs.

Apparently, this is a great area for gemstones but once again we didnít have a clue & threw away lots of what looked like rocks to us.†††


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