If you are into Hot Rods, Rock n Roll, the 50ís lifestyle and fashion then Winterson is for you.

The weeklong festival that celebrated all of this was originally held at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads for 15 years before shifting to Port Macquarie, was like revisiting the popular TV show Happy Days.

I had been a few times with the Rock n Roll Dance studio that I was a member of so when I met Vicki, we decided that it would be fun to go along as she had never experienced anything like it before.

There were 60 odd bands booked for that year that we went, to play at every venue within the area. Marine Parade was blocked off with 3 stages set up so that people could dance in the street.

People were everywhere looking at the Hot Rods & American Muscle cars along with the many stalls that sold clothing from the era. You could even get your hair cut to suit the fashion.

When I first met Vicki, the one thing that she had wanted to do the most was to learn how to dance Rock n Roll, so I agreed to teach her on the proviso that she was to be willing to dance whenever or where ever

there was music, no matter if it was in a McDonalds car park or in a restaurant. Reluctantly she agreed, and we had inadvertently become a floor show at many a venue after that as we got up and danced often.

She was totally blown away by the festival & happily wandered along the street, then danced in the street to any band that took our fancy.

The nights were spent watching the cars cruising up & down Griffiths Street before attending one of the many venues for more dancing.

It just happened to be the 21st year of Sea Gulls Club that year & so we had booked a table there for the dinner/dance.

During the night, the first band had finished playing as a support for the featured Phil Haley & his Comments, not to be confused with Bill Haley & his Comets, so the stage was being set up in readiness.

The singer announced to the eagerly awaiting audience that they were just waiting on their sax player to make his way there from the nearby airport & that he would be there shortly.

Finally, he walked in, much to the disbelief of all present, for it was none other than Bruce Willis, yes of the Die-Hard movies fame. Wow to say that we were totally mesmerised & enthralled was an understatement.

Apparently, unbeknown to us, he tours with this band when not making movies.

Having gone there to dance, we had not taken a camera with us, but were content to just watch the show with everyone else who was just as equally stunned by his appearance.

What a brilliant band, Bruce being a real showman for the 2 & half hours that they were on stage, he even played a duet with the slap base whilst the bassist played the top of the instrument, which was followed by picking up the drum sticks during the break & proceeding to play a fantastic solo.

What a night that left us in awe & vowing to come again.

See below for the video, we are sure that you too will love the performance.


Phil Haley & his Comments with Sax player Bruce Willis.