A few editions ago, we introduced Wood Luck, a new Australian owned small business to our pages.

It was created by a lovely young woman, Heidi who said, The name Wood Luck was inspired by the overwhelming feeling of being lucky to be a Mum, plus, my son, Patrick was born on St Patrick’s Day, my little lucky charm!

  Since I can remember I’ve always been a dreamer, my family a tad worried but mostly proud, supporting my crazy ideas. Now I’m my husband’s problem! He has been my biggest supporter, cheering me on every step of the way.

  The idea of Wood Luck budded when I created individual wooden letters for my daughter when she was first born. I loved the idea of hand made and personalised, so I started making these for friends and family until one day a friend encouraged me to turn my hobby into a small business.

  So, my Mum was a beautiful and creative soul. She passed away when I was 16 and I miss her every day. But, with each piece I create, I feel her right beside me. So THAT, makes juggling a baby & toddler, being a full-time snack b*tch and long nights working when the kids go to bed 100% worth it.

  I am still growing and evolving and am so excited to see where this adventure takes me even if it does feel a bit like that Rainbow Road level in Mario Kart 64.”

Heidi is constantly looking at new products to add to the list of individual creations, so as to expand  her business.

  “This special request for baby Troy has made me fall more in love with Australian natives! Such beautiful colours, so unique and wild,” Heidi said.

  Dreamy name rounds, beautiful Aussie natives and glam cheese boards are our favourite. All custom cut and hand painted so each piece is 100% individual. Please message us to create a special gift or a spoil for yourself!

  Stay tuned for more Aussie pieces!

Visit her business on Facebook: Wood Luck

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: THE CRYSTAL BOWER

  WE would like to welcome a new Australian business, The Crystal Bower,  to our pages.

If you are drawn to the magic & fascination of Semi-precious stones & crystals from across the globe , then you must take a look at this great new online shop that has just opened, It is The Crystal Bower.

Crystals and semi-precious stones handpicked from across the globe. New stock constantly coming in.

Direct from our bower to yours, each piece is lovingly selected for its unique beauty and with an appreciation for these treasures of the earth. Follow us on Facebook.